Dear Me, Listen to the wind blow. The birds are chirping their sweet melody. Looking towards the sky. You can feel the love of the suns warm rays. Todays the day that you will no longer be afraid. Let go of anxiety. The pain. The rage. Stay calm. Collective. There’s beauty within your pain. This is your life. Your future. This is not a game. Don’t get stuck within the darkness of your world. Ground…

How Much Can One Person Take?

Dear Me, You woke to the silence of your room. There’s nobody next to you. You can’t sleep when everything’s been stolen from you. Trembling dreams. One eye open at all times. There’s too much at stake. How much can one person take? Fear grabs hold of you. Fight back. Release the new you. No more sorrow. No more pain. You will not let anxiety take your name. There’s a long journey ahead of you.…

We Will Meet Again Someday

Dear Avie, Time is flying by. I wish I could get away from life’s empty high. Fly me away into the sky. My baby girl. I need you next to me. Why do I feel so cold? Empty. Is there something wrong with me? I wish this was all a bad dream. My broken reality. Hold me. I’m fighting for my life. The sorrow. The agony. All of the pain. It’s making me lose my…

Pinned To The Shallow End

Dear Me, You are getting nowhere way too fast. Life’s broken promises left you bleeding out. The numbness pain of your open wounds. You’ve been pinned to the shallow end. Scared of the open water. Afraid of not being able to swim. The pain devours you. I know it’s hard. You will make it. You’re going to be ok. Close your eyes. Trust your instincts. Have faith. I know you can swim. Take a chance.…

Body Snatching Heartache

Dear Me, Death took her life. Your only child. Pure of heart. Your baby. Sweet Avie. You should have never had to tell her goodbye. Spilling the tears that you’ve cried. Singing the last lullaby. Fates collide. A body snatching heartache. Xoxo- Me

This Life Isn’t Your Last

Dear Me, You aren’t afraid to grow old. Growing old just means you’ve survived another day. Another year. You refuse to conform to society’s ways. Don’t let yourself slip away. There’s not much life left. You’re not ready to say goodbye. The days are going by too quickly. Live your life as if tomorrow was your last. Without the past there is no future. You have lived many lives. This life isn’t your last. Xoxo-…

Transplant Me

Dear Avie, I often wonder what you would have been like when you were older. I was so excited to see you grow. I wished for you to stay a baby forever in my arms. Time felt brand new when I was with you. You brought out the best of me. I grew. You were the one who provided me with nutrients that I needed. It’s all over now. You were stolen away from me.…

Live Like Today Was Your Last

Dear Me, You are stuck. Looking too far back into the past. You need to start living in the now. You have no control over what the future holds. Don’t let confusion settle in. Settle down. Take a break. Wait. There’s something greater coming your way. Saving the best for last. Don’t think about what could have been. Let go of the past. Live like today was your last. Xoxo- Me

The Night Time Air

Dear God, The nightmares. Are they trying to tell me something? Screaming. Drenched in sweat. Gasping for air. My soul is hungry. Reaching out to you but you are not there. Lift me back up. Help me. Clear the night time air. Xoxo- Me

Photographic Memories

Dear Me, When I’m behind the lens I feel at ease. Jumping inside the memories. A passion. Photography. Feel the energy. Releasing. Capturing. Telling a story. Bringing back time. Photographic memories. Xoxo- Me