Dear Avie, 

Happy 6th Birthday my sweet. 

It’s hard to believe you’ve been gone longer than you lived.

I wish I could grow wings and fly up there. 

What I would give for another chance to be with you. 

My heart aches.

It always will.

I’m so proud of you.

My love.

You saved so many people.

You saved me.

The ocean waves crashing.

Rocks and sand.

Sea shells tumble towards me. 

I wish you were here.

You are in spirit but not physically.

There’s an energy that pulls me in.

I need to be by the beach. 

Will you help me?

Take me to where I need to be.

Easy sleep.

Thoughts resting.

Breathing deep.

Guide me. 

I want to be the best I can be.

No more hating me. 

Clear the anxiety 

Shed my fears.

I want to be more like you Avie.

Timing is everything. 

I often daydream of my new life.

My aspirations.

There’s so much to see. 


How much longer until I’m free?

Death comes for me. 

I feel ready and that scares the shit out of me. 

Avie my sweet stay with me. 

Please don’t ever leave me. 

Someday we will hold each other again.

I will get to feel your sweet sugary lips on my face.

I need you. 

Take away memories’ tears.

Make my smile even brighter than the brightest of days. 

My angel.

My sweet.

Avelynn Mae. 

Happy Birthday.

XoXo- Mommy  

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