Dear God,

Why do bad things keep happening to me?

There’s been plenty of good but the darkness keeps creeping back up on me.

Weaseling its way under my skin. 

Consuming me from the inside out. 

Take away the bad thoughts.

They are trying to control me.

I can’t take all of this pain.

The suffering.

Tear jerking.

All alone.

The quietness of this empty theatre eats its way through me.

Please gift me strength and courage.

I have to keep going.

I need to keep breathing.

All I wish for is a happy life.

Will I be able to love again?




Swing batter batter swing.

I can’t wait for the water to turn calm. 

The sand will be soft.

Squishing in-between my toes.

Exfoliating my dead skin.

Washing away the filth.

Exposing the softest part of me.

My mind couldn’t see what it didn’t want to see. 

Selective perception.

The power of suggestion.

The cost of clarity.

I need you.

I’ve always needed you. 

I’m in dire need.

XoXo- Me

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