Dear Me,

What do you desire?

Obstacles are all you see when you lose sight of what you desire.

Your hunger will never be settled.

Your thirst will never be quenched. 

Goals help keep you balanced.

You need these few simple things. 

Life is what you make it to be.

Healing begins with your past. 

There are no breaks in this life.

You have to start somewhere.

What starts right here right now will change the world. 

Setting this place on fire with your truths. 



Think before you speak. 

Answered prayers.

You are unique.

Keep thriving. 


One day you will be complete. 

Your soul is hungry. 

Shes clawing at your feet. 



What is it that you want from me?

Do you still believe?

I know you do. 

Keep taking good care of me. 

Push me everyday. 

Only wanting what is best for me.

Soul grieving. 


This process will bring joy to your pain. 

Taking out the enemy. 

Clearing a path. 

No more shame. 

Its not about changing.

Its about becoming. 

XoXo- Me

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