Third Eye Steers

Dear Me, It is easy to get used to things when given enough time. New stages of life. Reincarnating. Free your mind. Simplicity. Divine. Do not waste anymore time. Believe in yourself. Live your life. Change your state of mind. Don’t give up. Hope. Fight. Third eye steers. All eyes are clear. Memories flood my mind. I can feel myself changing. XoXo- Me

Love Notes

Dear Avie, I’ve been finding pennies. Pennies from heaven. Little love notes. Thank you for reminding me that I am still alive. You’ve taught me how to truly live. Shielding me from evil eyes. Keeping me from clinging to deceit. Casting my fears aside. Bringing me peace. I won’t give up. I will not settle. I have so much to give. A destiny. A path. A new life to live. XoXo- Mommy

Happy Place

Dear Me, What will you do with your life today? Even though its grey outside the sun is still shinning on the inside. Do not allow the darkness to stand in your way. Keep your chin up my love. You carry too many burdens. Life’s miseries. The days fly by. Lightning fast. Remember you have everything you need. Believe in me. Your smile is a saving grace. Wash away the pain. Embrace your life. Choose…

Soul Awakening

Dear Me, I am proud of you. Thankful for you. Your heart. Your soul. Pounding. Growing. Becoming. Spoon-fed love. One day. Someway. You will guide yourself out of this place. Spread your wings. You were born to fly. You’ve been touched by the sky. Loneliness leaves you high and dry. Your past will always be behind you. Inside of you. Don’t allow it to consume you. Live. Be free. There is so much to see. …

The Cost of Clarity

Dear Darkness, Thank you for coming into my life. Without you I wouldn’t be able to see the light. I am thankful for the bad things that have happened to me. Humbled by the pain. I am past the phase of being lost. Most of my memories come with fatal mistakes. Being bitter will only keep me from flying. Satisfaction is the death of desire. I won’t give myself away. You have no power over…

Someone Like You

Dear Future Lover, I’ve been praying for someone like you. Your strength is close to my own. You will not be afraid to love me. Breakfast in bed. Naked daydreaming. You are affectionate. Loving. Caring. Easy Speaking. Beauty is more than skin deep. Talk to me about your day. Share with me. Don’t ever lie to me. Communication is key. Walk with me. Hand in hand. I know you are out there. I can’t wait…

A Woman Like You

Dear Me, I am proud of you. You made it. Your eyes are open. Your ears. Vision is clear. I can see you. I have never met a woman like you. It comes from within. Your skin. The softest parts of you. You are alive. Brought back to life. You have so much to give. You are not alone in this life. You will find your way. There is such a thing as destiny. Believe.…

Sixth Birthday

Dear Avie, Happy 6th Birthday my sweet. It’s hard to believe you’ve been gone longer than you lived. I wish I could grow wings and fly up there. What I would give for another chance to be with you. My heart aches. It always will. I’m so proud of you. My love. You saved so many people. You saved me. The ocean waves crashing. Rocks and sand. Sea shells tumble towards me. I wish you were…

Poetic Pain

Dear Me, You’ve been experiencing soul gains. Growing pains. Bitterness will keep you from flying. Poetic pain. The world’s been trying to take your identity. My love you are not up for the taking. The best you is still in the making. You’re the masterpiece. The perfect design. Leave the misery behind. You’ve been carrying too many burdens. Release. Believe. You deserve great things. Just breathe. You are finally free. XoXo- Me

A Reason For Everything

Dear Me, Release me from the immortal death grip. Cut the cord. No more shame. Purge the pain. This is your time to heal. Mend your heart ache. Breathe. It will all be ok. You’re a survivor. A fighter. This is not the end. This is the beginning. Remember there’s a reason for everything. XoXo- Me