Dear Me,

It is time to self-doubt yourself clean.

Ridding yourself of unhealthy things.

No longer living in a broken reality.

You are stronger now.

You’ve overcome the worst of things.

Reinventing yourself.




Clean breathing.




You have found a new love.

The kind of love that keeps your heart beating.

This life has so much more to offer you.


The many choices.

Soon you will see the truth.

The veil is lifting.

You will receive everything that you need.

Your love will grow times three.

Riding yourself of anxiety.

The anger and the pain subsides.

You’ve got that feeling back inside.

Finally living.

Easier breathing.

No longer drowning.

Brought back to life.

Feeling alive.

No longer a prisoner inside.

Making joy.

Becoming complete.

Working on me.

Ridding myself of the pain and sadness that rests inside of me.

Healing starts with me.

Xoxo- Me

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