Washing Away

Dear Me, Water cleanses. Washing away the flaky skin of your past. Living in the present. The now. Creating space. Time is brand new again. Give thanks and praise. For only God knows. You will receive the love you’ve always craved. Death turned away. It won’t be gone for long. Your light is strong. Evil can’t stay. The salty water washes the dirt from your skin. Renewing. Refreshing. You are clean again. Shedding the old. …

Looking Down From The Ledge

Dear Avie, My body has had enough. The power of my sadness is taking over me. Changing me. Looking down from the ledge. Closing my eyes. Taking a step towards the end. Jumping into the ocean. Sinking slowly to the bottom of the deep blue sea. The saltwater covers me. My lungs fill quickly. The weight of the world holds me down. I know I have the strength to break free. Kicking off the chains…