This Life Isn’t Your Last

Dear Me, You aren’t afraid to grow old. Growing old just means you’ve survived another day. Another year. You refuse to conform to society’s ways. Don’t let yourself slip away. There’s not much life left. You’re not ready to say goodbye. The days are going by too quickly. Live your life as if tomorrow was your last. Without the past there is no future. You have lived many lives. This life isn’t your last. Xoxo-…

Transplant Me

Dear Avie, I often wonder what you would have been like when you were older. I was so excited to see you grow. I wished for you to stay a baby forever in my arms. Time felt brand new when I was with you. You brought out the best of me. I grew. You were the one who provided me with nutrients that I needed. It’s all over now. You were stolen away from me.…

Live Like Today Was Your Last

Dear Me, You are stuck. Looking too far back into the past. You need to start living in the now. You have no control over what the future holds. Don’t let confusion settle in. Settle down. Take a break. Wait. There’s something greater coming your way. Saving the best for last. Don’t think about what could have been. Let go of the past. Live like today was your last. Xoxo- Me

The Night Time Air

Dear God, The nightmares. Are they trying to tell me something? Screaming. Drenched in sweat. Gasping for air. My soul is hungry. Reaching out to you but you are not there. Lift me back up. Help me. Clear the night time air. Xoxo- Me

Photographic Memories

Dear Me, When I’m behind the lens I feel at ease. Jumping inside the memories. A passion. Photography. Feel the energy. Releasing. Capturing. Telling a story. Bringing back time. Photographic memories. Xoxo- Me

Fighting Not To Forget

Dear God, I laid in bed this morning. Pretending Avie was there with me. All snuggled up. Those mornings spent with her were the best. She made me feel divine. Alive. Super Mom like. Now I can’t feel anything. Time came and went too quickly. Fighting not to forget. Avie. I know you can feel my pain from all the way up there. Save me. Xoxo- Me


Dear God, There’s too much going on around me. I’m unable to settle down. Fight or flight. Anxiety. Underneath my skin. Tearing me up inside. Consuming. Controlling. Drowning. Don’t let it take over me. Free me. Lessen my pain. Help me. Take away my fear. Cure me. Don’t let it control me. Xoxo- Me

Time Doesn’t Wait

Dear Me, Time can’t direct you by the hand. It’s too fast for you. Forming scars that you will never lose. Release yourself from captivity. Let the light shine through. Don’t reside amongst the dust. You have choices to make. It’s hard guessing between what is real and what is fake. The choices you make will determine your life. Time doesn’t wait for you. You have the strength. I believe in you. Xoxo- Me

Forgive Me

Dear Me, The dark days aren’t over. You’re caught in a trap. Waiting for the darkness to subside. You need the light. Rip off the veil. Uncover your mind. You have so much to give. So little time. Keep living. You owe it to me. One day there will be no grieving. The sun will rise. Your soul will be free. Forgive me. Xoxo- Me

Silent Weeping

Dear Me, A vision forever sticking. You’ve held death in your arms. Silent weeping. The trauma. Pain. Always inside of your mind. Lurking in the dark. Creeping up from behind. Hitting you like a bullet train. You feel like running. Don’t do that. There’s no turning back. Wait. The dark days will be over. Pray. You will be shown the way. Xoxo –Me